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Deb Burch and Family

When Deb Burch first had a dream about creating a book that would remind children how much God loves them, she looked heavenward and asked, Really? This, too?

Raising her children and working full-time for an artist, Deb felt grateful for the inspiration, but she believed she was too busy to do anything else. Her life, however, has been a series of miracles, so she knew that, somehow, creating this book was her responsibility.

A couple of years later, she finally sat down, wrote the text and sent it off to a friend to illustrate. When her friend couldn't find the time to help, Deb tucked the copy away, mentioning it to others only occasionally. But occasionally was enough. Through a series of God orchestrated events, Deb was on the phone with someone from church who knew about her book idea when he received another call. It was co-publisher calling to advertise in his newsletter. Deb took the opportunity to set up a meeting with the co-publisher - on Ash Wednesday 2006. After that, Deb completed the illustrations for the book herself in 40 unimaginably stress-free days, finishing on Easter Sunday. This time, when she looked to heaven, it was to say, We did it.

Since that time Gods Greatest Gift, LLC was created. Publishing and distributing additional books including the second of the series, Guided By Grace.

Deb is currently working on the third book of the series, God Gently Whispers.

God's Greatest Gift Book Cover God's Greatest Gift Book Cover God's Greatest Gift Book Cover

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Deb Burch is a graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design.
She lives with her husband Dan, and six of  God's greatest gifts in Manchester, Michigan.